Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bern free

Just figured out the best thing to do in Interlaken ... head to Bern.

And that's so possible in Switzerland. You just skip across trains with your Swiss Railway pass and keep yodelling across the plains and valleys.

And Bern was just what we needed. Cobbled paths. A picture postcard town with a series of early 19th and 20th century European buildings. A bit like Ballard Estate or Fort of Mumbai or Dalhousie of Kolkata but clean, less crowded, well maintained buildings and naturally air conditioned.

And the fragrance of bakeries when one gets off at the station. Hevenly.

After gruff Interlaken we are back to the land of Mary Poppins. Very sweet and friendly people, who are very excited to know that we are from Mumbai.

We saw the loveliest of clock towers, the Parliament Building and then walked into the apartment of someone who turned out to be a funnier Jew than Jerry Seinfield, Alber Einstein. Yes, THE Einstien himself. We went to the apartment where he worked on his theory of relativity. Saw the actual furniture that he used. Comedian? Just saw some of his quotes there. His self deprecating and wry humour was an eye opener for me. Will put up photos later when i am back.

We went to the Munster Cathedral which has the highest tower in Switzerland. K climbed it and said it was a riot of colours. Was bit of a 'Monster Tower' for a calustrophobic person for me.

Shopping was great and we picked some lovely posters - classical ads and stuff.

The icing on the cake is this self service internet cafe that we found. Very cheap after the fortune I blew up blogging yesterday.

Both K and i are typig furiously before we start on our cafe walk to the station where we head back to Interlaken.

Auf wiederschen


Saltwater Blues said...

:) I used to love strolling the streets of Berne. In fact I'd say it's the most charming city in Switzerland.

Glad you're having a good time mate!


Saltwater Blues said...

And I hope you didn't forget to say Hi to aapro Freddie (Mercury) when you took the boat ride on Lake Geneva. His ashes are scattered there. I even sang Too much love will kill you :) Yeah I am slightly psycho like that!

Sharmila said...

No snaps? :-( At least one of the cobbled path and quaint houses. Waiting. :-)

The knife said...

SWB... addicted to Bern pal and heading back again today. Aapro Bawi Joru posed with Freddie and we took a snap

Sharmila...lot of pictures coming your way once I am back at terra firma

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