Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Addicted to Bern ... camp Bern

We tried to give Interlaken another chance. Went to the nearby lake, Neuhausen, not a patch on the Montreux lake, nothing inspiring, no place to sit and we ran back after a never ending wait for a bus.

What about Jungfrau you will say. True, Interlaken is a feeder town to hit the mountains. But we already did that in Zermatt and each of these trips cost a lot.

So we jumped frantically into a train at Interlaken and went straight into the laps of Bern which we have just fallen in love with. The meandering walks down the lovely Gothic buildings. The unexpected food delights - gelatos, steaks, chocolates and crepes popping every two steps, cobbled streets, friendly people, big smiles, giggly babies balancing on precarious blocks in the park, Far Eastern tourists marching the streets, cameras in hand, a medley of shops selling wares ranging from Prada to wooden puppets to handmade cheese to postcard of old ads to piggy banks in the form of cuddly cows ...cheerful red trams, never needed because of short distances ... Gothic squares, quiches, cafes, roadside waffles and Mc Donalds

We are truly addicted to Bern.


k said...

i can only imagine what you will write about lucerne

Scarlett said...

Hey, come back fast! Can't wait to get a lowdown on places to visit in Fairy Tale land, things to do etc.

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