Monday, September 28, 2009

More Swiss travel tips....Camp Zurich

When you ask for the restaurant closing time here specify restaurant vs bar... we missed a lovely dinner at Luzern as we were told that the restaurant would be open till 1 am while only the bar was

You can have a sit down dinner for two at Mac D for 10 swiss francs or Rs 500, handy when the recession has set into your holiday budget

Zurich is completely shut on Sunday and is very avoidable. Dont plan any shopping on Sunday

The river cruise here is the singularly most boring experience in the world. The staff at the hotels of Montreux and Luzern had warned us against it. Took one last evening as there was nothing else to do. Its the sort of thing wher you might get in as acquaintances, decide to get married half way through and plan your divorce by the end. K and I used the one and a half hour to catch our breath

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