Friday, September 25, 2009

A Christmas Story ... Camp Lucerne

Remember I was crying over our not having enough days at Lucerne and at the Hotel Waldstatterhof last evening?

Checked my mail after blogging and saw that we have THREE and not two nights here.

Ran up and told K who in her excitement had a M&M Mac Flurry at Macdonalds and has declared that it is the best ice cream in the world as it has 'M&M in every bite.'

K was always also telling me in the morning that it would have been nice if we could stay an extra day at Dubai at my aunt's on the way back. The first thing I saw when I opened mail last evening was that the Emirates flight from Dubai was cancelled and that we had been. So we are trying to get an extra night beyond the two we are spending there.

Truly Christmas time. Or should I say Durga Pujo.

Off to a day trip to addictive Bern in a while.

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